Milano’s Brownie
A delectable double fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice
cream and hot fudge.
The delicious traditional Italian dessert made with chocolate,
espresso, sponge cake and mascarpone cheese.
Spumoni Ice Cream
The delightful fruit flavored ice cream.
Vanilla Ice Cream
A generous scoop of luscious vanilla ice cream.
Original Cannoli
A crisp cannoli shell stuffed with ricotta cheese, powdered
sugar, orange rind and chocolate chips.
Chocolate Cannoli
A crisp cannoli shell stuffed with chocolate mousse, cream
and Frangelica.
Pistachio Cannoli
A crisp cannoli shell stuffed with pistachio mousse, cream
and crème de menthe.
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
A tempting delight made with a chocolate crust and chocolate
filling topped with chocolate flakes and strawberry sauce.
Old Fashioned Cheesecake $5.50
The rich creamy Italian ice cream prepared from natural ingredients with less fat, no air and more intense flavor. Ask
about the flavors currently available.